moon gate

Moon Gates

How enchanting!

The first time – I recollect – I walked through a Moon Gate was in Bermuda. My sister lived in Bermuda for many years – I visited her as often as I could – and I was told by the locals that Moon Gates were magical. If you walked through one, it was meant to bring you good luck & that one day you would once again return to Bermuda. As you can imagine, I walked through one at every opportunity!

Moon Gates are traditional elements in Chinese gardens and serve not only as inviting entrances into gardens but they also hold many different spiritual meanings. In Bermuda, the Moon Gate architecture is slightly different of that of the Chinese design as it is often free-standing or attached to a low wall – as I experienced it. From public gardens, restaurants to private residences, they are visible throughout Bermuda. It is regarded as good luck for newlyweds to walk through it together.

Design Credits: René J.L. Fransen Landscape Architects

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